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New Products

Persian Tableau Rug 2168
Persian 70 x 75 CM, Handmade, Wool on cotton foundation, Hand knotted, 55 Knots, with or without frame, brand new tableau rug

$ 490

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Persian Tableau Rug 2167
Persian 67 x 50 Cm, Old Village Man Pattern, Handmade, Hand Knotted, Wool, Multicolored, 55 Knots, Ancient about 90 years old, Brand new pictorial rug

$ 320

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Persian Tableau Rug 2166
Persian 95 x 40 CM, handmade, Tabriz, Wool and Cotton, Quranic Verses( Wa En Yakad), Hand Knotted, 55 Knots, Brand new Tableau Rug, Pictorial Carpet

$ 290

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Nativity Water Snow Globe H19
Nativity Water Snow Globe With Wood Look Base, Brand new, size: 5.5 x 7 inches

$ 25

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Persian Carpets

Representation of Persian Machine Carpets